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The Sustainable Business Award

This category is open to any business in the Cherwell District that can demonstrate that they have practices which promote and support the protection and/or improvement of the environment embedded within their business or are delivering a product or service to customers with sustainable principles at its core. Any organisation, irrespective of size or industry sector can apply.

Judges will be looking for evidence of continuing waste or emission reduction programmes, employees who embrace consideration for the environment within their daily work, and management support for sustainability initiatives within the business and the wider community, or innovative products or services that are designed with a more sustainable future in mind.



  • Waste reduction / efficiency: identifiable reductions in business waste sent to landfill and / or increases in waste sent for recycling; increased use of recycled materials within the business; increased use of raw materials from sustainable sources. Reductions in water or energy usage for a given output.
  • Emissions reduction: progress towards zero or lower carbon emission operations.
  • Innovation: creative ideas for implementing the above and sustainability more generally within the business without impacting on business efficiency or profitability or an innovative product or service that champions a more sustainable future
  • Embedded business narrative: management and support for sustainability initiatives within the business and wider community and employees able to demonstrate about how they have embraced these ideas within their work.
  • A 2 year business plan: in support of the companies sustainability ethos or service/product delivery


Please note that entries must be endorsed by a business colleague, partner, or client.